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Multiple Solutions To Meet Your Residue Conversion Needs

In today’s market there is a growth in demand for transportation fuels, primarily diesel and bunker fuel oil as well as a decrease in demand for residual fuel oil. This shift, combined with the lowering sulfur limits worldwide, makes maximizing conversion, especially conversion to distillates, critical.

  • American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd ’s residue upgrading portfolio includes a range of solutions that will help you to achieve your unique processing objectives:
  • The American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd slurry hydro-cracking process offers maximum conversion (90% +) that is selective to transportation fuels and minimizes production of residue byproduct.
  • The process is a cost-effective means for converting moderate to severely contaminated feed-stocks to gasoline and lighter components.
  • The process is a residue hydro-treating process that removes contaminants and adds hydrogen for downstream  processing. It can sometimes be used to produce low sulfur fuel oil.
  • The process is a severe thermal conversion process that produces a wide range of products. Once hydro-treated, these products can be processed in other refinery processes and a byproduct residue coke.