American Petroleum is committed to safely finding and producing the energy our world needs, combining the use of leading-edge technology and the talents of our science and engineering staff. Leveraging technology, and knowledge and best practices often enhances our ability to access resources more safely, efficiently and in a more environmentally sensitive manner.

American Petroleum has a long history of developing unconventional resources through special production methods or technologies that can be performed in an efficient and economical way.

These unconventional resources include:

  • Tight Sands and Shales
  • Coalbed Methane (CBM)
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Fractured Reservoirs

Tight Sands and Shales

Tight sands and shales have very low porosity and low permeability. Producing natural gas from these reservoirs can be compared to drilling a hole into a concrete driveway.

American Petroleum has been working to safely produce natural gas and oil from tight and in recent years, the company has become a leading producer in shale plays. To produce oil and natural gas from tight sands and shales requires advanced horizontal drilling techniques and the application of hydraulic fracturing.

American Petroleum continuously strives to enhance its drilling and completion techniques to protect the environment, reduce the amount of surface space needed to produce energy and maximize well productivity.