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Aromatics Complex:

Worldwide demand for benzene derivatives and polyester fiber/resin is growing faster than 6% each year.

From revamps and upgrades to world-class new projects, API technology will help you meet your benzene, para-xylene, and meta-xylene product requirements with minimum feedstock and energy consumption and lower production costs.

Optimized, integrated complex delivers minimal investment cost and lowest cost of production

API is the world’s leading licensor of process technology for the production of aromatics. As of 2011, API has licensed 94 complexes and more than 500 individual process units for the production of aromatics, including more than 289 CCR Platforming process units, 155 Sulfolane process units, 73 Isomar process units, and 90 Parex process units.

Our commitment to continuous innovation in process technology, catalysts, and adsorbents sets us apart as the market leader, offering our customers:

  • Minimum feedstock consumption
  • Lowest investment cost
  • Lowest energy consumption and overall cost of production
  • Reliability and on-stream efficiency

The typical aromatics complex includes a combination of process units for the production of primarily para-xylene. Many complexes also produce additional aromatic products like benzene and ortho-xylene.