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Steam Reforming

Dependable Pure Hydrogen With 99.9% On-Stream Reliability

Steam reforming of light hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, under a steam atmosphere, is the dominant technology for production of syngas, and thus, of hydrogen. The hydrogen produced by this process requires purification before it is used in downstream processes.

The gas produced by the steam reforming reaction first passes through a shift reactor, where carbon monoxide converts to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Leaving the shift reactor, the gas contains approximately 75 vol-% hydrogen, together with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and some unconverted methane (plus nitrogen, if this was present in the feed to the steam reformer).

The gas from the shift reactor is sent to the PSA unit that will remove any unconverted methane, together with the carbon monoxide and the carbon dioxide. Our systems are the most reliable way to get the highest purity hydrogen to help you meet new clean fuel regulations and realize more valuable products per barrel of crude oil.

For downstream processing, the high purity hydrogen from  units simply provides superior performance and a better bottom line. Even a small percentage increase in the amount of hydrogen recovered in your unit can mean a significant profit increase.

  • Proprietary American Petroleum adsorbents enable higher hydrogen recovery and give you more hydrogen per unit of feed, reducing your operating costs.
  • More than 99.9% on-stream reliability to help prevent any downtime or lost profits
  • Supplied as modular equipment to ensure rapid delivery
  • Fixed pricing for accurate forecasting of project expenses

Pre-commissioning, commissioning, after market debottlenecking, troubleshooting, upgrades and revamp and optimization services are also available.