A Message from Chairman and CFO

Mr. M. Munir Malik.

This year brought never-before-seen challenges to our Oil and Gas industry and the world due to COVID-19 pandemic resulted in personal, family and community loss and distress and fueled an economic recession that impacted individuals and businesses.

American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd (Pakistan) responded quickly at the outset of the crisis by establishing multiple safeguards to protect workforce health, curtailing global production, managing capital to preserve financial strength, and maintaining our focus on environmental, social and safe operations.

In future, we are focusing the growth on Oil and Gas business in Pakistan and Middle East countries. Combined with our focus on developing the lowest cost of supply resources, we believe this is an effective way for our company to sustainably contribute to society’s transition to a lower-carbon economy.

American Petroleum leadership also includes operating responsibly to safeguard the environment and create shared value for society. We utilize a mitigation hierarchy to manage risks and operational impacts to biologically or culturally significant areas, and in Pakistan, under our proactive conservation strategy, we voluntarily conserve and restore biodiversity and habitats near our operations. American Petroleum contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which our employees live and work by creating jobs, investing in educational and training programs to develop talent and utilizing local suppliers and service providers. All help build long-term community sustainability.

Our leadership also means gaining and maintaining people’s trust. We benefit from our engagements, especially as we continue to add to the list of performance metrics and key indicators we report for climate, water, human capital management and safety.

We emerged from a difficult year with an even greater appreciation for what our expect and how we can lead the sector through disciplined capital allocation, strong financial performance, and American Petroleum excellence. But as importantly, in the face of many personal, societal, and economic challenges, we remained resilient.

Mr. M. Munir Malik, Chairman and CFO