Residue Upgrading Helps Refiners Get More From A Barrel Of Oil And Adds More To Your Bottom Line.

In today’s market there is a growth in demand for transportation fuels, primarily diesel and bunker fuel oil as well as a decrease in demand for residual fuel oil. This shift, combined with the lowering sulfur limits worldwide, makes maximizing conversion, especially conversion to distillates, critical.

American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd ’s Residue upgrading helps refiners get more from a barrel of oil and adds more to your bottom line. MC process is a slurry hydrocracking process which achieves the highest conversion and produces the maximum naphtha and diesel yield compared to other residue conversion technologies. newest residue upgrading process. American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd achieves high conversion at modest cost, producing an attractive feedstock for subsequent high quality diesel production.