Floating LNG

API technologies are the key to your success in monetizing offshore gas resources

API can design for your performance targets and improve reliability while providing a lighter weight and smaller footprint solution for your offshore application.

Our experienced team can work with you to customize a design that will meet your needs. Some common approaches include:

  • Conventional flow scheme – for processors with a low amount of acid gas
  • Hybrid flow scheme – for processors with high acid gas levels
  • Solvent-Free flow scheme – for processors looking for higher reliability from their amine unit

We provide mercury removal, bulk CO2 removal, amine treating and dehydration to meet your specific needs. Or, go solvent-free and eliminate all environmental concerns like amine spills and reliability concerns around absorber rocking motion by combining our membrane technology with API MOLSIV™ adsorbents.

API can provide all these technologies as packaged equipment systems with novel approaches to reducing your weight and footprint. Our new, compact MultiTube membrane equipment and API Separex Membrane Systems reduce the size of downstream CO2 finishing and dehydration systems by removing bulk amounts of CO2 and water. You’ll see shorter, easier start-ups and shutdowns and most of our current customers report longer production intervals between equipment maintenance.

Let us review your FLNG pretreatment requirements and provide you with a customized solution.