Proven Highly Efficient Technology To Meet The Sulfur Removal Demands Of The Power Industry

US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd process has the added benefit of removing metal cUsing moderate refrigeration of a polyglycol physical solvent, the American Petroleum arbonyls, ammonia and other trace contaminants found in raw synthesis gas. With years of operating experience, this proven technology should be your first stop when looking to clean up syngas for power generation.

Carbon Capture And Sequestration

We offers a very attractive technology that can be incorporated into your power plant from the beginning or added to an existing system at a later date. This new process technology has several benefits that allow addition of carbon capture and sequestration technology at little to no additional cost compared to a standard.

American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd process offering.
Talk with our experienced engineers about the capabilities of our technologies for IGCC and carbon capture and sequestration.