Build Employee Skills For Safe And Effective Operations

Training is an integral part of American Petroleum US and American Petroleum Pvt, Ltd.’s technology delivery and knowledge transfer process. Successful operation of refineries and petrochemical plants depends on having well-trained personnel to operate and maintain the various process units. We provides training and development programs to the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.

Our courses are offered on-site or online, whichever best fits your operational or budgetary needs. Our course material has been developed following modern instructional design criteria and our instructors are well versed in adult education techniques. Our standard courses focus on operating licensed process technologies, refinery and process unit design, operations optimization, and specialized equipment operation.

In addition to more traditional training opportunities, we also offers customized training programs based on the specific needs of your refining or petrochemicals organization. These programs are developed in conjunction with refinery personnel and can run from weeks to months in duration for as few as one person to hundreds of employees.

Our Training Courses Include:

  • Engineering design seminars
  • Process technology training
  • Simulation-based troubleshooting
  • Engineering service residency programs
  • Equipment inspection training
  • Operational workshops

Training Tools Include:

  • Training simulators
  • Web-based training
  • Expert systems