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Jet Fuel Sweetening

Meet Jet Fuel Specifications

To reduce acids and convert to disulfides, the Jet Fuel Sweetening process uses a fixed-bed of catalyst, air, and caustic (NaOH) to sweeten your kerosene/jet feed-stocks and produce on-spec jet fuel product.

Contained within the process technology are pre- and post-treatment sections to ensure that other fuel specifications, including Jet A-1 specifications, are met.

API also offers this process in a caustic-free version. A special high-activity catalyst and activator are used to facilitate the Fuel sweetening reaction to take place in the presence of a weak base, ammonia. As well as being applied to new units, Caustic-Free The technology can readily be adapted to existing kerosene/jet fuel Caustic . This provides a solution for those refiners that struggle with the logistics and costs associated with the disposal of their spent naphthenic caustic stream.

This process offers impressive flexibility to treat kerosene derived from a wide range of crude sources and also be added to enable a refiner to extend the operating life of their unit until planned maintenance or turnaround event occurs